The YF-19: Strolling around

Once I understood the basics on modelling in Blender, it was just a matter of recovering all my seemly lost memories about the art of 3d modelling something.

Scuzi for the watermark, I've kinda learned to do that for all my public works now (and you should too)

Scuzi for the watermark, I’ve kinda learned to do that for all my public works now (and you should too)

As I was creating the next piece of mesh, I started getting the hang of it quicker and quicker. I could remember these things! How to keep four sided patches at all times, how to move topology away to make holes like the front romboidal openings on the nose, it was all getting surely but gradually back.

I started cutting pieces and extruding them separately to make the panel divisions, while stretching new extrudes and “wrapping” the fuselage around. There was no time to lose, this was me modelling again!

October 10, Main fuselage is finished.

August 10, Main fuselage is finished.

When was the last time I modelled something in 3d? Sure, I had done a couple of Maya tutorials, maybe a year ago, but that hardly counted as modelling, it was more like learning the basics of all the things Maya related, like UV mapping, how to set up a bone structure or how to make cluster controllers. Yet this act of sculpting something in 3d was a very refreshing thing on my almost 10 year journey into animating something, I could spend hours slowly creating this plane (and my wife was the only one in the world to stop me from staying up late all night doing that).

October 18 - Lower intakes

August 18 – Lower intakes

I remember 10 years ago, somewhere after I finished my University studies, going to this animation festival in Guadalajara and getting to know other Mexican animators. I remember clearly seeing animation as my way of life. Sure, I enjoyed trying my hand on modelling too, and I certainly thought it once or twice, to be a modeller instead of an animator. But after a long talk with another fellow animator at that festival it came very clear to me that the only reason I wanted to model things was to move them.

So moving stuff, animating, was my real drive. I started getting soaked in it, and from that point on I got my rigs from someone else, and dedicated myself to animation. I don’t regret doing that, since it got me where I am now and that amount of invested hours sure paid their money back on me. But I didn’t take time to enjoy modelling something, and now it was the perfect time.

October 23 - Completing the leg intersection and the engine shape.

August 23 – Completing the leg intersection and the engine shape.

I was on fire! Cutting down lines, making new panels, extruding from them on, and slowly getting the hang of this thing, I was feeling very safe on finishing this bird by November, tops.

Little did I know… but that’s a story for some other time.


About Eduardo

I'm some dude with a huge love for animation and film. I've been working in TV animation for the past 6 years in New Zealand. I love dragons, pointy metal things that can cut dragons, and flight simulators.
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