Blender physics, drivers, cloth sim..

I won’t name this one “YF-19” since there was no much around that this week. I just spent it doing some more tutorials on rigging, but I guess showing their result is therapeutical because it makes me feel like I have done some progress in learning this software.

I did a basic rigging tutorial by a very good Youtuber called Alimayo Arango (, who has all sorts of Blender tutorials for beginners like me. I actually learned all the basics of navigation, modelling and materials by watching his videos. He’s very clear and simple in his approach, doesn’t take much time detailing things so you get a very quick and simple approach to making things, and you can even learn from his mistakes, since sometimes he makes them too, but goes back and fixes them and explains what went wrong; so you feel like you’ve made those mistakes yourself too and learn from that too. I highly recommend you subscribing to his channel if you’re interested in learning Blender, especially if you’re a newbie like moi.

Commercials aside, I did this quick boxed mecha and rigged it following his tutorial in less than half an hour. Oh boy, I didn’t know you could make the whole thing with a single armature, instead of multiple bones with their own armature instances and laws.

February 4 - Rigging tutorial

February 4 – Rigging tutorial


After this one, having effectively learned that there is a vital difference between the Object mode, Pose mode and Edit mode when it’s about bones, I found this other one with a full technique to make a car follow the ground with its tires perfectly, and even move like an actual car with weight, with bounces, inertia and all, using Blender physics. I got really interested in learning how to do something like that for my project, since the YF-19 will take off and land in it. What better way to show it than with this? No need to animate the tires against the ground and try to eye-target the contact frame by frame. I modeled an extremely ugly car and got to make this little video of it driving around. I even managed to make the steering wheel copy the rotation difference of the steering bone, so it looks like it turns when the car turns around.

This tutorial ( is great, from a Youtuber called “blazraidr” and you should try it out too, but make sure you get the basics first from Alimayo.

I want to apply what I learned in the YF-19 and try out a taxiing animation. I have the feeling I’ll have to make different versions of the plane for the film, one with these drivers for the taxi, take off and landing shots, and another one without these drivers for the flight and landing gear deploy/retract. But maybe I can find a way to make it do all that by deactivating drivers and constraints. That’d be swwwweeet.

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I'm some dude with a huge love for animation and film. I've been working in TV animation for the past 6 years in New Zealand. I love dragons, pointy metal things that can cut dragons, and flight simulators.
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