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B Happy: 10 Years Animating

I just realized it’s been 10 years since I graduated from University and finished my first animation short film, B Happy (2005). Wow. A logistic nightmare. An organization hell. A mind-boggling amount of hours behind computers, late night sprees, virus … Continue reading

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Blender rigging shenanigans

I’ve animated many, many, many, many, many bouncing balls in my life. But so far they have always followed the same procedure of just animating with what I can work with, that is, the rig itself. I’ve animated simple spheres … Continue reading

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The Already Exhausted Importance of Quality in Animation

I need to start this with a bit of back story. Back in 1999, I was a High School student about to start a new life as a University student. I had already decided what to study for: I wanted … Continue reading

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