Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Huntress – First Pass Polish

A 20-sec animation I’ve been working on this past month. Lots of secondary animations and small fixes to be added for the second pass and final polish, but I need some fresh eyes to see the big errors. The dragon … Continue reading

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Blender human rig – Completed

Finally, my latest rig is complete. This is the biggest, most ambitious rig I’ve ever made (especially since I’m not a rigger by any means) and I learned heaps once again. This was pure gold in terms of new knowledge … Continue reading

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Blender character and animations

My previous character in Blender, Don Chicharito, needed a pal/archinemesis to play with. So I created Don Salchichon. This was mostly to understand how to create a functional IK/FK system for arms, how to make bending architectures for bones using … Continue reading

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