The YF-19: 1 Year Anniversary and Modelling completed!

One year ago, I began my journey into Blender, after a couple of small tutorials, with this anime mecha/plane/spaceship that fueled my imagination since I was a teenager. Now, a year later, I can celebrate the first year anniversary with a bunchload of pics!

One year ago - 28 July 2014

One year ago – 28 July 2014

First, I got around to add detail to the shoulder plate inside, since it seemed too empty and uninteresting. That weird rounded thing in the toy I copied turned out to be a manoeuvring thruster (I saw one small sequence of the robot in Macross Plus, strafing to the side with a burst of blue fire coming from that area in the shoulder) So I gave it a more industrial look and a functional appearance. It’s, obviously, a made up one. There was no more information or angle from this point so I went a bit creative there. But it looks nice!

July 21 - Shoulder inside details

July 21 – Shoulder inside details

I also tweaked the fan blades to be closer to an actual aircraft.



Added strut connections to the flaps and ailerons.


I refined the parts of the exhaust engine, and then I noticed it looked really low poly. After watching a couple of photos of the engine exhaust of a few jets, I decided I would redo this part.


It also kinda looks like a lifesaver candy right now





Yup. I was having fun rendering! It helped out to see little bits and details that were intersecting or looking odd, So while rendering I would be editing little stuff.


Even though I was keeping it close to the Hasegawa 1/48 plane model, I felt like the legs were too skinny, and the cartoon drawings show the legs as more bulky on the sides. Those leg covers hide the missiles so it made sense to bulk them up a bit and also to add that middle intersection line.

July 22 - Updated outside leg cover to be closer to the anime

July 22 – Updated outside leg cover to be closer to the anime

Aaaand engine exhaust remodeled.


I have a copy of the Master File Japanese issue of the YF-19, which shows the inner foot mechanisms. This was a true brain smasher. I’m no engineer by any means, so I had to work the rigging for this system from scratch. It took a couple of days and many tries.

July 23 - Modeled the pistons and inner mechanisms for the feet

July 23 – Modeled the pistons and inner mechanisms for the feet

July 25 - Rigging of the feet mechanisms finished

July 25 – Rigging of the feet mechanisms finished




Just look at this mess, Jimmy!

July 26 - Bone organisation

July 26 – Bone organisation


The following pics are the before and after of this plane. Since the before state wasn’t colourised with funky colours, it’s hard to see the differences, but some details look a lot better now. I haven’t checked on the polycount, but well. It’s still a lot.





Let’s go bigger on the pics, shall we?







So, what’s next?

I won’t be able to show much more of this project soon, since I have no clue on the UV mapping, texturing and materials. I’ll do a bunch of tutorials, so I might post a bit of those, till I know enough to start the unwrapping, normal and specular mapping. But stay tuned anyways!


Candy plane out!

About Eduardo

I'm some dude with a huge love for animation and film. I've been working in TV animation for the past 6 years in New Zealand. I love dragons, pointy metal things that can cut dragons, and flight simulators.
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