Blender – Shaders, Rendering and the Otito Project

I come back to you with yet another instalment of my fantastic journey in learning all things Blender, this time with a few more tutorials and a brand new project that came up when I was perfecting the texturing and UV mapping part.


But first, a little story.

When I was a kid I received a little teddy bear from one of my dad’s friends who got married or something. I think it was part of a table decoration for the newly-weds that they had on each table… I wasn’t there. But what matters is I was a kid with a little teddy bear that was, oh so ridiculously small and cute.

So me and my brother, who’s 5 years younger, nicknamed him “otito”, which would be the equivalent of calling your dog “doggy” and then degrade the pronunciation to “doddy” (osito is little bear in Spanish). Otito was bold, adventurous and had an almost megalomaniac personality – whatever he touched, it was his, forever and ever and ever, had absolutely no respect for human beings, which he thought were created to adore and feed him, and was overall a little tiny cute douchebag. We made stories with him, made him whine and complain and be adorable around the house, and even got to make our parents laugh with his antics once in a while. Otito was our little partner for many years, so I chose to make a little 3d homage to him which I am calling The Otito Project.

Don’t worry, this story doesn’t go sad afterwards or anything. We didn’t lose Otito to a stray dog or my parents sold him to charity without our consent or anything like that; he’s safely collecting dust at home in my parents’ house in Mexico. But he’s looking a bit older and less fluffy and adorable as time passes by. Let’s say time hasn’t been too kind to him. So before time finishes its slow destruction of its fabric, I wanted to immortalize him as my little Blender side project which I’ll talk some more about later.

After an email to my brother to get his help in photographing the little bugger, I got some hi-res pictures of him to use as a modelling reference and to create my UV map. I photoshopped the fabric and clone-stamped it to go through all the areas. Initially I had UV’d the eyes as well, but I eventually made them from a different material so they behave more like glass.


After some tweaks on the face and the colour, I got to a decent diffuse map for him, and then had to learn how to do the rest through tutorials.



I’m also being kind to him in its actual state, he’s gonna look younger and less messy on the legs and ears and all. His 3d version is more symmetrical, but that’s only because the project needs it to be.


Overall I learned well how to apply different types of UV textures to take care of the different parts. Then I learned a bit how to sculpt, how to add layers in textures, and even did a bit of retopology.


Small sideway to talk about fireflies.

While going through some of the BornCG’s tutorials on Youtube, I learned about the nasty fireflies that show up in Cycles rendering, which happen because photons get “burnt” by bouncing too close to the light source, so they can’t lose their white colour anymore, creating this noisy effect. While learning through the tutorial I made these renders. I ended up learning how to fix them (keep the light source big and not so close to geometry, move the samples numbers up) but I guess you’ll be better off checking on his tutorial if you’re interested.

the fireflies problem in Blender

the fireflies problem in Blender…



Depth of field tutorial

Depth of field tutorial.


Otito being adorable.

So with all these things learned, I made a hi-res scupt of his fur and made the unwrapping for the normals around it. Good first try, but I didn’t like the stretched effect.


Getting closer… Just messing with the specular values so he doesn’t look so shiny…


Aaah, much better. He’s ready to rock! The Otito Project will continue en pair with the YF-19.


About Eduardo

I'm some dude with a huge love for animation and film. I've been working in TV animation for the past 6 years in New Zealand. I love dragons, pointy metal things that can cut dragons, and flight simulators.
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