The YF-19: Texture update

This week went pretty fast with only a few renders, I’m still micromanaging stuff here and the time I have my laptop working is minimal. The fuselage textures are almost complete, the mechanical insides are just starting, but I’ve got a pretty good idea of how to approach them. I wanted the mechanical parts that are normally hidden to look very dirty and greasy, so the specular and diffuse maps are taking a while longer than the usual, plus the detail is still low in my opinion. I’m using huge 6144×6144 px maps here, this should allow for a lot more detail than what I’m doing right now. So the texturing part is a lot of trial and error so far.

The good news is, all the basics are understood and there’s little I still need to learn from the bottom on the shaders part. All the transparent or semi-transparent pieces need some tweaking and experimentation, but besides that, pretty much the whole shader material looks nice. If I update something in the future to it, it will probably be minor. So I’ll continue on tutorials for a while now, to finish the texture maps and give it an extra oomph.


November 15 – Mapping the backpack/underside of chest

Still some trouble with the damned fireflies in the renders. Rendering and lighting is something I still don’t understand enough, and I’ve been very reluctant on just leaving this project aside and focus on learning those things well, but I know this would be a good thing later on, because just making render tests, looking at those fireflies with squinted eyes, and moving things around to see if the problem is gone is just not working as a strategy.



November 18 – Issue with the normal orientation for the inside of the shoulder plate

Another weird thing that happened was this inside piece where I carved those triangles that were meant to look deeper, but when rendering, they look like they go out. No idea here, because then I made another render and they looked fine. Maybe it was just an optical illusion.



November 18 – Added foot radiator exhaust, issue with texture on the foot cover.

The legs look fantastic, though. Very satisfied with the look so far. I added some paneling to the feet and an update to the foot radiator, and a strange texture showed up that I need to go back and check. Overall, I’m satisfied with the progress of the materials.


November 19 – Detail of neck ring

Too many bright spots on the head, and not enough panel detail. I make annotations after each render test so I have something to go to every time I open the massive texture file.


November 20 – Back panel of belly covers

I think I got the perfect texture for the mechanical parts! I photoshopped mechanical bits from a picture of a machine gun and the result was very satisfying.

I left the computer rendering this one overnight, and it took it 8 hours. I hope you like it! You can download the image by just clicking it and then saving it as image. Still fireflies there but the shading is almost perfect.



About Eduardo

I'm some dude with a huge love for animation and film. I've been working in TV animation for the past 6 years in New Zealand. I love dragons, pointy metal things that can cut dragons, and flight simulators.
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