The YF-19: Cockpit Mapping

I’ve realized once the UV mapping part is done, the rest is actually fun. Among several more renders with the different shader options I’ve found for the fuselage, I started the last part of the texturing process with the cockpit and its different antics.


January 11 – Shader update

This time, I found myself doing a bit more work than I should’ve: I had applied the mirror already and the model was a single thing instead of a mirrored half. So I would have to map things on one side and then do the same thing on the other. It took a lot of time but eventually I managed to make it fit into three maps: One of the chair and the control panel, one for its screen, and one for the structure around the chair.


January 11 – UV Mapping begins

Once the mapping was done – Which felt like an eternity btw – I put the wireframe on top as a texture to give me an idea of the things that looked too stretched. As you can see, plenty of stuff have stretch marks. I suppose because the wireframe lines are too tight. So it’s just a matter of not making details too close to the borders.


January 22 – Wireframe texture


Then I had this idea: What if I assign colours to each part using the viewport and Photoshop, so I can know which part am I texturing without the need to check every time? So I made a quick colour assignment to different parts of the cockpit and that way, I could recognize them in the texture map. So I didn’t write down every part name this time. Timesaver!


January 23 – Colour assignment



I took the time to mess up a bit more with the fuselage shader, now that I knew how to create a better reflection system without so many nodes…


January 24 – Shader update



Ok, back to the chair.

Let’s put some sweet expensive red leather on that seat!



Then I started creating the different panel lines but to make it easier, I applied them as textures on black over white. This way I can see how are they mapping on the surfaces before converting them to normal maps.


January 25 – Beginning of panel line texturing

The progress so far…



About Eduardo

I'm some dude with a huge love for animation and film. I've been working in TV animation for the past 6 years in New Zealand. I love dragons, pointy metal things that can cut dragons, and flight simulators.
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