The YF-19: Battroid Tour


I did some work for the inner hidden mechanical parts, and also I tweaked things that were not looking too polished. Since every time I fix some texture it implies that I’m creating a whole new diffuse, specular and normal map, this has been a rather slow process. I’m not finding a big amount of stuff to fix now, and there are things that are probably not going to be shown in the film anyway. For all practical purposes, this bird is done!


August 12 – Testing the black livery with a system to match the colours

I did have to deal with something though – The inner plates for the shoulders, the back plate that covers the lower part of the exhausts on the backpack, and some other covers were in a different texture map, since they were created to be hidden as a single object, and I had already run out of space on the main one. That’s fine and good, but now that I have created different colour schemes, it’s coming back to bite me. They need to change colour as well with the different schemes, but would I have to create a whole different bunch of colour variations for their diffuse map? That’s gonna be a lot more textures than I already have, and that also means more Mbs. So I came up with a system:

The texture would be only one, but I would pass it through a colour filter that can be switched with a driver. So that way, I can choose which version to load from the control panel and it would change the hue of the shoulder plates and back plate to match the current livery. That way I can also switch the nose sensor dome from red to green when I’m looking at the Ravens version.



Same for the Skull 1 version, just keep the value on white and they will match the rest perfectly. All done and ready to do some mechanical work!

I added a lot more details on the gray mechanical parts, like bolts, hatches and panel lines. I used images like this one to get the height map working, and then exported the changes to the different maps. At the same time, I was making choices of what to take out.



I added bolts and bumps to the head parts, while fixing little issues that rose, like things not mirroring correctly.





Some things were still looking too hexagonal because the textures were matching the low resolution mesh, so I had to tweak stuff around.



I also didn’t like how that radiator thing looks like on the bottom chest lasers, so I’m removing it. This was also a good opportunity to see the fuselage play with the lights and shadows.














About Eduardo

I'm some dude with a huge love for animation and film. I've been working in TV animation for the past 6 years in New Zealand. I love dragons, pointy metal things that can cut dragons, and flight simulators.
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