Human Tutorial – Impasse

I’ve reached an impasse on the tutorial I was doing on human figure because I wanted to really, really understand topology first, so I went back and started learning it from scratch. I’m closer to get it, still not quite there, but then I reached this deadlock between different things that I want to become better at before attempting to model and rig Isamu Dyson.


Sintel has a great topology on the main character’s face, and so far it’s one of the best resources I’ve found, so as a startup point I really recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to model.


I attempted to make a planar basis for this topology, but it quickly proved to be a terrible idea. Behold the following monsters when I was attempting to understand it.


January 17


January 18


January 19

Once this was a fairly understood thing, I decided I would sculpt a face and then wrap this topology using snap to vertex.


January 20

Hold on a sec. I don’t know how to sculpt shit.




January 21

This was my best attempt so far. Boy I’m very new at this. The character wasn’t supposed to be ape-angry, by the way. Eventually I was able to wrap the topology around it, so very happy about the result.


Not so happy about my sculpting skills, so back to school on that.


We begin with a Mexican luchador…


January 30

Then turn on the multiresolution on…


And slowly pinch and pull, add and take away, soften and increase the resolution as you go. It was looking a bit Roswell Alien there, so I reduced the eyes and worked on the proportions.


Then I softened a bit too much and now it’s a female head, apparently.


Stay tuned!


About Eduardo

I'm some dude with a huge love for animation and film. I've been working in TV animation for the past 6 years in New Zealand. I love dragons, pointy metal things that can cut dragons, and flight simulators.
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