The Isamu Dyson Project: Introduction

Seems like there shall be a new addition to the YF-19 project! It’s its pilot, Isamu Dyson!


Douche doesn’t even begin to describe him.

I’m opening a new section because, first of all, this is gonna take a while. And also because it will make it easier to separate the actual project from all the rest of stuff I’m learning as well, including anatomy, topology, sculpture and organic modelling in Blender.

So in our previous episode, we were dealing with the face topology and the edge flow, among other shenanigans.


March 1 – Smoothing out the face


As I was refining and defining the topology to keep it as smooth and soft as possible without adding more resolution, I started figuring out the ears and how to properly attach them to the head.


March 8 – ears modeled and attached

This took a while but it was fairly easier this time since I had practiced with the Blenderella tutorial.


Placement of pole vertexes

Pole vertexes are very important for organic modeling, since they divert the flow and make complex figures. I had to make sure they were positioned in strategic places, like the ones around the eyes and on the upper lip. I’m trying to have the least amount of them on the face.


March 11 – Refining features and neck

I increased the resolution a bit to add the details on the cheeks and eyelids, then added the eyeballs and shaped the lids around them.


Eyeballs added


My edge flow made interesting things at the ears. I hope that doesn’t create any problems.


He resembles Sakai enough to be what I was meaning him to be, a 24 year old Japanese-European. From this point on I would edit his features to make him resemble a bit more the Anime Isamu, without losing the realistic proportions.




Not bad for my first human model!

For the body and flight suit, I decided to just photobash a bunch of things to create it. The Anime suit is sci-fi looking, which is cool, but I wanted a more down-to-earth approach, based on actual suits that exist, even if that veers me off the same shape. Things will be either bigger or smaller and proportions will be different to suit his realistic body, but the idea is to keep the same feel and key details of the cartoon. I just wanted to add a lot more detail and realism to the way the pieces are put together, like the little pockets and straps that are characteristic of test pilot flight suits.


So I began looking for reference images for the different parts of the body. I also thought of borrowing MacGyver’s mullet style to see how it looked like. The pants will be based in actual anti-G-force flight suits worn by fighter pilots. They also carry a type of corset that prevents the blood from their stomach to shift away and make them pass out.


The inside will be just like the NASA blue jumpsuits, it even has the same front zipper that you see in the film, but with the arms bulkier and bigger from the pressurization.


The neck collar that attaches the helmet is from a SR-71 test pilot suit, and the boots are Apollo moon walking boots. They have the same feel as the film, big and bulky. I added the chest piece from the original Macross Plus since it’s so iconic.

I really really don’t like the shoulder pads. But I have to add them since they are the most recognizable part of his look. I’m just gonna make them more functional, like armor pieces that provide protection, more than immense “look at me” chunks of yellow and black.


The helmet will be pretty much the same, but with added detail to its different components and the mechanics of them.

So this shall be a fun challenge! 😀


About Eduardo

I'm some dude with a huge love for animation and film. I've been working in TV animation for the past 6 years in New Zealand. I love dragons, pointy metal things that can cut dragons, and flight simulators.
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