About Me

My name is Eduardo Gutierrez, I’m a professional CG Animator with 6 years of experience in TV production, Advertising and Videogame animation. I’ve been in love with the ancient art of animation since I was a kid (it’s a 100 years old art so it’s ancient right?), starting my way with Claymation, Flash 2d and ultimately CG computer animation, where I found myself more comfortable (plus, Ctrl+Z rules). I walk the road of self-improvement in anything I do, and I enjoy being part of the animation industry in all its forms, be it TV, Videogames, Feature films, Commercials or Short films.

I consider myself a responsible, reliable, friendly and open-hearted person, as well as an artist who loves taking the learning curve of any new project and climb it as fast as possible. I aim to achieve both efficiency and quality in this art, finding ways to get the best results with the least time and stress, and helping other people find their own. Animation is not an easy skill to master, but I have a huge passion to put myself down on learning it and perfecting it every day.

I have many hobbies and interests, all the way through Sci-fi and horror films, literature, philosophy, humanism, flight simulators, swordfighting, meditation and teaching myself German and Blender 3d in my spare time. I’m also vegan, I have a beautiful Mexican wife and I love learning new things every day. Feel free to follow my antics!



One Response to About Me

  1. Greg Long says:

    All I can say is “wow” 🙂

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