Human Tutorial – Torso

Small update: I continued the torso from the previous chest modelling, wrapped it around to make a cylindrical shape, and then joined the back to the neck to create the shoulders. How? By copying the steps, no questions asked!



January 11 – Back begins

The shoulders are a convoluted mess of topology loops that I still don’t quite understand.


January 13 – Loops created for the shoulder topology

I decided, thus, to take a bit of a break and get to really wrap my head around 3d topology, at least around the basics. The way decisions are made is still a dark, obscure, written-down-on-a-manuscript-inside-a-medieval-monastery thing to me.



As long as I follow the tutorial I get the correct result, but what’s the point if I don’t understand the decisions that were made, and why were they made? So my first journey into this deep hole of enigma was the facial topology. I found a very handy explanation of the face mesh from Sintel, that Blender short film that got the relatively new program under the spotlight as a serious option for an open source 3d software.

From there, I was able to hand draw the way the loops surround the face, and eventually came up with some sort of system to remember it.


To me, the most important points in a face topology are the ones marked with stars. They’re called the vertex poles, because they define the change of direction in a mesh from a square reticule to a complex, 3d volume. Without vertex poles there’s no much that can be done in 3d besides basic geometric objects. So as long as I remember where in the face are these poles, and how to get to them (i.e., how many loops do you count from the inner corner of the eye to the pole? How many loops between that one and the next one?), this could be created with a fair chance of working out. I’m still doing tests and trying out some things, so I’ll upload these experiments soon.

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Human Tutorial -Ears and Neck

The progress continues, fairly slowly. My problem is that I consider myself a perfectionist. But the teacher in the video tutorial is even more perfectionist than me. So it’s a turtle pace here, but on the bright side, I’m learning a lot about topology!


So much is still like black magic to me, but I’m slowly finding some sense of it all.


December 23 – Ear modelling

Modelling the ear was fun! Since ears are by themselves weird swirls of flesh and strange valleys and mounts, it’s easy to make a convincing ear. The hard part is to make a convincing, smooth cheek or a simple forehead. Which is weird.


December 31 – Preparing the ear for attachment to the head

You can’t see it, but between these two images there was hell. I probably attempted to connect the ear 6 times, no success. I still need to learn more about topology and how to reduce polys while doing it.


December 31 – Ear attached


January 7 – Modelling the eyelashes


January 9 – extending the neck to create the clavicles


January 10 – Modelling the breasts

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Human Tutorial – Head

Happy end of 2016! Before we wrap this up and go get drunk, I’m uploading (at last!) what I’ve been up to these past few weeks, while moving to a new country and not even having Internet at home, I found a way to continue my Blender training. From a nice tutorial called Blenderella, I began learning topology and modelling methodologies for human figures. So I’ll be uploading my process in this tutorial and later on, when I get the whole topology mystery figured out, I’ll begin the new project for my YF-19 film: Isamu Alva Dyson.


It was the 90s, so we were in that awkward moment in History when we couldn’t quite figure out why, but mullets were both fashionable and terrible at the same time.


December 6 – Modelling begins


December 9 – Adding eyeballs


December 12 – Refining eyelids


December 13 – Modelling forehead, chin and cheeks


December 14 – Finishing up the face, extending the mesh to complete the head


December 19 – The process so far


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100 Drawings in 100 Days

Heey! I know I said I was updating more often. Again.

But since I moved from New Zealand to Australia for a new job, I guess I can justify my lack of activity these past weeks. What I can do is upload a challenge I finished on December from a Facebook group called Posse 100. The challenge was to draw every day, no excuses, for 100 days and take at least 30 minutes on each drawing. I successfully finished it and I then decided to upload the whole gallery to see myself slowly improving my skills.

Since I’ve got the habit of drawing daily on me now, after day 100 I continued on, and I’m currently on day 108. No idea when am I gonna stop but I’d like to see for how long could I keep up the pace. I guess if I make it to day 200 I’ll upload a new gallery!

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The YF-19: Turntable Plane

The finished turntable animation of the plane mode is here.

Added a smoke particle system render than I then used as a displacement filter to give it a subtle heat effect on the turbines.

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